GT-R Festival 2016

As a fan of the legendary R32 GT-R I was absolutely stoked to be asked to be a part of the Downshift media crew at the Motive DVD GT-R Festival. It was the ultimate happy place for any GT-R fan. With a motorbike as my only mode of transport and rain on the horizon I geared up and took off through the rain. Once I got to Western Sydney International Dragway I had reached my happy place! GT-Rs as far as the eye could see (which wasn’t very far with a wet visor).IMG_7230-1


Nissans were represented from the R32 to R35 models, plus a few classics like the 2000GT Prince Skyline, Hakosuka 2000GT & Kenmeri KPC110. GT-Rs were due to come from all around Australia to join the celebration!IMG_7245-2



While track staff were prepping the quarter mile, the show and not-so-shine consisted of GT-R owners drying their cars off. Examples of all types and styles were on display: GT-R Heaven! Hats off to those putting up with the rain.IMG_7387-13



As the rain began to slow down, the hope of seeing some racing appeared in the form of a golden glow on the horizon between the clouds and Downshift Aus managed to squeeze in a live stream of the main display area!IMG_7410-15





Once it was safe, the gymkhana event saw drivers put their rides through the paces around a mapped-out short track.IMG_7477-18




Tucked away in the dry was also an impressive display of cars from various workshops and parts suppliers. How about an engine block weighing in at under 50kgs?IMG_7276-5


Once the quarter mile was ready, it was go time! The ones to watch for the day, were the Maatouks Racing R32 [ST.KNG] and CV Performance’s twin turbo R32 [RH7.GTR], both still street registered!IMG_7299-6



That being said, there was no shortage of formidable weapons taking to the track, all looking incredible while flying down the quarter mile!IMG_7648-23



With limited track time everyone gave it their all. Quarter mile times got down into the 8 second mark at over 170mph, figures I usually see from V8s and rotors. I was very impressed.IMG_7899-26




Motive DVD made a great day of the GT-R Festival. It was a great experience, I loved every second of it. The only problem now is that I really really want a GT-R!IMG_7992-28

Big shoutout to Motive DVD and Downshift Aus for inviting me to be a part of it


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