Downshifting to Melbourne


From all the perusing through online car sales over the years it seems to me that Melbourne has it’s fair share of cars for the enthusiast. I guess that’s why some people call it the car capital of Australia. Am I just a Sydneysider thinking that the grass is greener in Melbourne? Nah, Melbourne truly has some good shit!


I was lucky enough to spend some time in Melbourne recently. When it’s for fun, there is nothing better than getting away, checking out some new sights, surroundings and of course seeing the local car scene. It was perfect timing to be there as a few of the guys and girls from the Downshift crew were holding a meet at the Coburg Drive-In Cinemas as the final stop of the DS Great Southern Roadtrip #2.


As expected Melbourne turned up to the meet prepared with exhausts blazing.



After a morning spent at Renner Auto (story coming soon) I got to the Downshift meet during the middle of the Rev Battle. There were revving symphonies from multiple corners of the motor market, 13B, RB, SR, LS, 2J, Barra & VTEC were just some, all of whom were chasing the biggest cheer for bashing limiters. My points go to the backfiring RX7 scaring the crowd, sorry but that never gets old.


The drive-in grounds were covered with cars and owners chilling out, having a yarn and checking out each other’s rides. It was a relaxing afternoon well spent.


Thanks to all who came and got involved. If you’re keen go check out the next one in July, follow the event on the Downshift Facebook page.


Words & Photos by Domenic Ciccio

Instagram: @motorvated

Bonus Imagery:

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