Renner Auto – a workshop for classics, today


This Motorvated adventure started when I read about an immaculate, shed built Ford GT40 in the August 2017 issue of Street Machine. It’s such an amazing build; it’s unfair to call it a replica.



The owner Jason Ferraro has a keen eye for detail that shows in every part of the car. Have a read of it here. At the end of the article, SM mentioned that the owner Jason had started his own business, Renner Auto in Melbourne.


Having captured my attention with his GT40, I couldn’t help but imagine what a glorious place the workshop would be. I instantly called the workshop and planned my visit.


At first, just finding the workshop was a task as it is hidden away from the sights of the street. This only heightened my anticipation, because who doesn’t love a secret workshop?


As I walked in I was greeted with a new project yearning to be transformed into a thing of beauty. The Beck Speedster is a Renner Auto specialty and just like the others, when complete, she’ll roll out like a streamline butterfly.


The Beck Speedster will be powered by a Subaru 2.4L Boxer Flat Four; a great example of Renner Auto’s classic form and modern function combos.


Considering Renner Auto has only been open for a short time, they have certainly been busy with a range of great projects.

Other builds include classics from the same era such as the Jaguar XJ13 and of course, the Ford GT40.

What I didn’t expect was to come across a world-class build only a week away from being revealed at the Sydney Hot Rod and Custom Auto Expo in May. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time as no one was supposed to know about this car prior to the show. I certainly wasn’t about to reveal any photos and ruin 8 months of keeping it under wraps.

renner-auto-2018-domenic-ciccio-00025What you’re looking at here is a custom 1950 Ford Mercury. With the already painted body and chassis, Renner Auto put everything together including custom curved glass, electricals, fuel system, custom-made headlights and taillights plus, CNC machined parts and carbon fibre cabin structures.

renner-auto-2018-domenic-ciccio-00019I’m still amazed that I was allowed to visit the workshop with the deadline looming so close. I am so thankful to Jason and the guys for showing me around. I hope I can make it back to Renner Auto and show you guys a finished Beck Speedster in its true glory.

Stay tuned for a look into the Sydney Hot Rod & Custom Auto Expo!

Thank you

Domenic Ciccio


  1. Hi JASON I have built GT40 in NSW Currently only one of three registered GT41
    I am looking at changing it to period colours and decals
    Would love to catch up and shere info
    Lynden Hayes
    STeel Design Fabrication Pty Ltd
    0419 628821


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