HSRCA Spring Festival 2018

img_7248-73When most people think of Spring, they think of warmer weather and new life.

img_9591-704img_8923-edit-1For the HSRCA, Springtime is race time. All kinds of historic cars attend and compete in a relaxed racing event. I see it as a scaled down version of the Goodwood Revival.

img_0206-1Held at Wakefield Park, the 2018 Spring Festival brought in some beautiful vintage racers.

img_450d (2)-20It’s Group N that I normally love to watch but this time the Super Sprints group had a lot of cars to look out for.

img_7269-107Garry Ford was driving his Mk 1 Ford Escort. It’s an absolute weapon with its 302 Windsor donk and not much weight holding it back.

This little 13B Anglia had the front wheel lifting over at turn 4 with ease.

img_450d (135)-605Barry Bray’s S12 Nissan Gazelle was a stunner on the track sporting the lightning livery from the Super Silhouette era of the ’80s.

An Austin A30 with 1990cc under the hood was exchanging places with the S12 all day keeping things interesting.

img_0199-759In Group R was Peter Turner in his Norax C1 Prototype powered by a 12A peripheral ported rotary.

After a few sessions, the pit garages become just as busy as the track with repairs being made all around. It truly is a cycle of race, break, fix repeat.

As always, HSRCA events are a ton of fun to watch. I only wish to get involved in the racing one day.

img_450d (127)-602Such beautiful lines.

Group N will always be my favourite with its David and Goliath battles.



Many thanks for looking.

Words & Photos by Domenic Ciccio

Instagram: @motorvated

Facebook: @mtrvtd

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