A New Breed Of Touring Cars

What wins on Sunday sells on Monday. That’s the formula, right? It’s one of the best marketing strategies that has worked for over 100 years.

tcr-aus-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd (32)Sure, what we see on the showroom floor isn’t the race-spec we saw on the track but we don’t care. For car enthusiasts, it gives us the opportunity to add our own flair and ‘racing’ touches. It’s in our blood!

tcr-aus-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd (29)tcr-aus-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd (11)I find any racing using a modified version of our ‘boring’ road cars fascinating. Think back to the 90’s British Touring Car Championship and remember (or google) the Volvo 850 Estate, Ford Mondeo, Holden Vectra, Honda Accord, Peugeot 406 etc. In road spec, these are not popular cars. In racing form, Eeeeermagerrrrd! So much want!

tcr-aus-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd (18)Touring car racing in OZ has been somewhat limited for a long time with a mostly Holden and Ford battle until now. 2019 has brought a new series of Touring Car for Australians to enjoy and they didn’t start out with boring streetcars, no. The Carsales TCR Australia is a new exciting form of racing!

tcr-aus-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd (26)TCR has delivered high calibre drivers from differing backgrounds of motorsport. It seems like most drivers have come from all drive types other than FF. The interesting part will be seeing how fast drivers adapt to the new set up.

tcr-aus-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd (42)I think it’s fair to say that I’ll be following the new TCR series via the website

The pit area had a secretive feeling about it before race 2. It certainly wasn’t isn’t easy to get a look in behind closed doors and temporary walls.

3 2 1… And they’re off. Tony D’Alberto takes the lead ahead of Jason Bright in race 2!

tcr-aus-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd (60)Brown was on D’Alberto’s tail before taking the lead. The aerodynamic on these cars allow drivers to use slipstream. It makes for some very close racing.tcr-aus-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd (27)tcr-aus-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd (23)tcr-aus-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd (21)tcr-aus-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd (35)tcr-aus-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd (19)tcr-aus-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd (30)In races 2 & 3 Will Brown had the pace and took the win in both. With also the 3rd place in race 1, Will now stands on top of the leader board by 12 points. Bring on Round 2!

tcr-aus-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd (22)tcr-aus-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd (31)Two more Type Rs and two RS3s are on their way to Australia to be included in the TCR Australia Series. Fingers crossed they make it in time for Round 2 at Philip Island. If not it’ll be a very interesting Round 3 race at The Bend, which all the drivers are most looking forward to. tcr-aus-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd (39)tcr-aus-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd (38)To find out more about TCR Australia check out the TCR Australia website and watch their YouTube channel clips of interviews, behind the scenes and track action.

tcr-aus-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd (37)tcr-aus-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd (44)I’m most excited to see Molly Taylor’s progression through the series. A world rally champion in Touring Car Racing! She has made a switch from loose ground to tarmac, AWD to FF, passenger teammate to the solo driver and now driving side by side in a full grid!

tcr-aus-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd (36)Thanks for looking! Every click, scroll and every second you spend on the mtrvtd.com is greatly appreciated! If you haven’t already, please follow Motorvated on Instagram and Facebook. Stay Motorvated!

Words & Photos by Domenic Ciccio

Instagram: @motorvated

Facebook: @mtrvtd

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