rwb-thailand-2014-dciccio-mtrvtd00001When I travel, I make it my mission to find something motorvated. It could be an event, workshop or even talking to Jo Blow wrenching on his/her project on the side of the road.

In 2014 my partner and I travelled to Thailand for an amazing wedding and took the opportunity to travel around South East Asia. At the time I thought the photo opportunities would just fall in my lap. Not surprisingly, I was unsuccessful in the 10 locations throughout Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.

rwb-thailand-2014-dciccio-mtrvtd00036Leading up to our last stop was in Bangkok, I thought I wouldn’t find anything. To make things worse, after a quick search I saw that a hot rod show would end the day before we were due to arrive.

Determined to discover something to shoot, I found out there was an RWB workshop in Kennayao, Bangkok and hit them up. To my surprise, I received a reply from Chin Kanitpong who said, “yes, come visit my garage”, what a legend! I was so grateful for the opportunity.

Kennayao was only a 30-40min cab ride out of Bangkok city. It felt a little weird not knowing where we were going but once we got to an armed/guarded road it seemed like we were in the right place. The driveway leading up to the beautifully designed minimal building had 4 four Porsches parked up including an extremely wide 964. I had to pick my jaw off the ground.


Beautiful just beautiful.


rwb-thailand-2014-dciccio-mtrvtd00018This is the first RWB workshop outside of Japan.

rwb-thailand-2014-dciccio-mtrvtd00038It’s sights like this that keep me smiling for days.

rwb-thailand-2014-dciccio-mtrvtd00037There was no shortage of 911s throughout the premises. I really want to know what the future held for the Porsches in the workshop.


I wonder where they are they now.

I can’t thank the RWB Thailand crew enough for letting me walk around and take some photos. I do hope to come back again.

rwb-thailand-2014-dciccio-mtrvtd00039Chin, thank you.

Since these photos, the 964 has had a bit of an update. Check out Chin’s Instagram page at @rwbthailand to see how it looks now and see the RWB culture in Thailand.

Also, visit the website where you can watch the master himself Nakai San build the RWB 993.

Thanks for stopping by.

Dom / Motorvated


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