Boris’ VeeDub Picnic

vw-picnic-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd00045There’s no doubt that when you’re in a VeeDub you’re part of a club that’s unlike any other. The classics are some of the most recognised cars on our streets today getting the thumbs up from all kinds of people and not just the enthusiasts. vw-picnic-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd00005vw-picnic-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd00026On a hazy November morning, the VeeDub Club held their annual picnic at Ramsgate Beach, NSW. A great mate of mine invited me to come along to check it out. We cruised there in his green bug which is always entertaining. There’s not much like the character of a classic, everyone loves it.

vw-picnic-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd00055vw-picnic-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd00053The green bug showed some of its character as the motor stopped mid intersection. You would think the surrounding drivers would get mad when instead, passers-by offered a hand. That’s the magic of a classic.

Enjoy the gallery

The sleekest of them all IMO, the Type 34 Razor Edge (above)

Not exactly a VW but still fitting (below)vw-picnic-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd00006

From what I heard the owner say, this beetle had the performance to match it’s Porsche touches (below)

The minty crew, available for event hire (below)

One of my favourites (below)

Many Kombinations 

Patina is here to stay

Many many more

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