Eastern Classic Car Club

eastern-classic-cars-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd00055Variety is the spice of life and the Eastern Classic Car Club has plenty of it.

eastern-classic-cars-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd00029On the last Sunday of every month, the club holds a meet up in Sydney’s Centennial Park along Duck Pond. I had been wanting to check it out for years when finally, in December 2019 I got the Torana out of the garage and over to the meetup.


eastern-classic-cars-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd00057Unlike most shows that start at the crack of dawn, in the east things are a little more relaxed with a start of 8:30am and ending at 10:00am allowing plenty of time for that much needed morning caffeine and an enjoyable cruise into Centennial Park.

eastern-classic-cars-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd00006eastern-classic-cars-2019-dciccio-mtrvtd00017What is awesome about Eastern Classic Cars is the recipe of cars. Classic exotics alongside, old school rotary, a generous dash of Porsche and a hint of shoebox Ford all served on a quiet one-way lane by a sunlit pond, delicious just delicious. It seems like anything is welcome as the show had bikes and modern cars too.

Looking forward to the next meet I can attend.

Dom / Motorvated

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